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Titan 0293970 Front Wheel Caster Release Kit

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Titan Tools Inc.

Titan 0293970 PowrLiner 850 Front Wheel Caster Release Kit

PL850 Front Wheel Caster Release Kit or Cable assy kit, front wheel All Titan parts offer PL850 Front Wheel Caster Release Kit, an accessory to PowrLiner 850 Striping machine. This is easily steerable to move around for both curves and straight lines when striping a field or a parking lot. A trigger mechanism mounted on the left handle grip allows you to lock the front wheel in straight position or release it to “free wheel”, without the need to pull the pin back each time manually. This affordable accessory is perfect for light occasional spraying of small fields or parking lots as it comes with a detachable spray gun for stenciling as well.

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