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Titan 0275794 Filter Kit

Sourced From:
Titan Tools Inc.

Titan 0275794 Filter Kit is designed to support the filtration of particles in Titan sprayer.

Here are the key details about this Filter Kit:

Part Number: 0275794

Contents of the Filter Kit:

    • 2 Prefilters (Part Number 0524526A): These prefilters help capture larger particles and protect the main filter.
    • 1 Thick Filter (Part Number 0524528A): The thick filter provides additional filtration for fine particles.
    • 1 Paper Filter (Part Number 0524523A): The paper filter further refines the air quality.


    • The filter kit is compatible with the following Titan models:
      • CapSpray 95
      • CapSpray 105
      • CapSpray 115

Titan 0275794 Filter Kit is available for purchase online at
Remember to replace your filters regularly to maintain optimal performance!

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