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Titan 0089959 Filter, 100 Mesh, Yellow

Sourced From:
Titan Tools Inc.

Titan 0089959 100 Mesh Yellow fine Filter, replaces Titan 550-485 and Titan 0034235. 

It has a tapered top which is unthreaded and makes it easy to install. With time, particles can collect in the mesh and no matter how much cleaning you perform, they stay clogged. If tips are still clogged after cleaning the filter, you need a new filter.  

Fits the following models: Impact 400, Impact 440, Impact 540, Impact 640, Impact 740, Impact 840 (For use with RX-Pro®, RX-80™, G-10, LX-30, LX-40, LX-50, LX-70, S-3 and S-7)

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