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Titan 0089958 Filter, Medium (White Color)

Sourced From:
Titan Tools Inc.

Titan 0089958 Filter (Medium, White Color) is a genuine OEM part designed to meet the same specifications and standards as the original part for compatibility and performance, it replaces Titan 550-483, Titan 0154842, Titan 0034377, Titan 34377, Titan 550-271, Titan ASM 4433.

It is a 50 mesh stainless steel mesh filter, with a smooth tapered top with no threads making it easy to push into the spray gun and also for easy replacement.

Compatible with:

Titan Impact 400, 440, 540, 640, 740, 840.

Titan RX-Pro, RX-80.

Titan G-10.

Titan LX-30, LX-40, LX-50, LX-70.

Titan S-3, S-7.

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