Powrbeast Series and Its Exceptional Features

Posted 3 weeks ago
powrbeast series

Spraying is something that you cannot do only when you have the art to do it. You get the best results when you are also using the right sprayers with the right techniques.

If you do not have what it needs to give the finest results, you are not going to meet the expectations. For that reason, we are going to introduce a new sprayer series to you which is the powrbeast series.

Powrbeast Series:

The powrbeast series is a heavy-duty series that can give you the results of your choice and is always wanted by contractors who are serious about their work.

With that, this series has direct immersion pistons and it gives you the durability and dependability that you need when you are at the job site. To know more about it we will dive right into the features of this series.

Features of the Powrbeast Series:

  • Starting with the first feature which is the technology. Just like all the other amazing sprayers by Titan this one also uses the hydrastroke technology. This means that the performance you get from these sprayers is unmatched. They are also powered by hydraulics that are electronically controlled.
  • They also do not come with any sort of clutch units that can be damaged by the small tips. Rather these sprayers can handle heavy as well as light-bodied coatings. You can spray whatever you want with the help of these sprayers.
  • The hydraulic motor that is present inside this sprayer is fully optimized by the single moving part. This is capable of reducing the heat and also extending the life of the sprayer.
  • The slow stroking piston that is present inside this sprayer increases the efficiency of the sprayer alongside power. So you do not have to worry about the results.
  • They also come with self-adjusting packing that is capable of increasing the repacking time.
  • These sprayers are also field serviceable and come with a fluid section that can easily be removed.
  • The best part about this sprayer is the design that it is made with. It means that it has an efficient cooling system. This way the sprayer does not heat up and in turn the life of the sprayer is increased.

In Summary:

If you are looking for a paint sprayer, that can change your spraying experience you must know how to count on it. The best thing about Power Beat Series, as the name suggests is one of the industry leaders, and what has helped them earn this title is their spraying efficiency. They are easy to handle and comfortable to use.

In simple words, they are a magical tool that offers a smooth and seamless finish no matter what the surface is. You can trust their spraying ability because they have built-in power to handle tough situations like a breeze. So, what is stopping you from buying this highly competitive spraying machine? Go and try your luck today to experience the luxury of having a top-notch spraying machine.