Airless and Air-Assisted Airless Sprayers

Posted 4 weeks ago
Airless and Air-Assisted Airless Sprayers

Have you ever been in trouble while spraying because your sprayer has not been working fine? Have you ever felt the need to immediately switch the sprayer because you are tired of using that old-school one but you are confused?  Well, you do not need to be anymore. In this article, we are going to mention three different airless and Air-assisted airless sprayers that will change the spraying experience for you.

Let’s dig deeper and find out about all the details associated with them.

ED 655 Plus:

The first type of sprayer that we have got to talk about is the ED 655 plus sprayer. This is the sprayer that is known for being light in weight and also really compact. This makes it extremely dependable and also very user-friendly. This is the sprayer that can easily be used for contractors dealing with fine-finish projects. It is easy on the hands and gives efficient results. This sprayer comes with a maximum delivery of 0.35 GPM and a tip size of 0.017. The pressure that this sprayer works at is about 3000 PSI.

Air coat and Air Assisted Airless:

The second type is the air coat airless and air-assisted airless sprayer. Who would not want to have a sprayer that has two systems in one sprayer? Your answer is simple; these types of sprayers. The best part about getting these sprayers is that the fluid pressure used by them is really low, and they deliver fine atomization when in the air-assisted mode with increased transfer efficiency. 

The pressure in the airless mode is high so that it can spray exterior as well as interior paints. You can easily atomize the fine finishing coatings with the help of it with the pressure under control. The most amazing part is that it also comes with a suction pump. So what does a suction pump do? It is used for direct pumping from the bucket.

The maximum delivery of this sprayer is also 0.35 GPM and the tip size is also the same as the above sprayer. It works at the pressure of 2800 PSI.

Features of these sprayers:

We will not dive right into the features of these sprayers so you are well-versed about everything.

  • The first thing about these sprayers is that they come with high-production fine finishing. This means that even though they work a lot and are used for large-scale products, they will still give you the finest results.
  • With everything else, these are perfect for all sorts of architectural coatings. It simply means that you can spray from clears to finish quality latex.

In Summary:

If you are tired of getting the same old results then you should know that you are still working with that same old sprayer. If you want the new kind of results then you need to switch to the new kind of sprayers too.

Airless and Air-assisted airless sprayers will enhance your spraying experience by giving you the finest possible results. So, do not think too much and immediately change the sprayers and enjoy the results. You can get these sprayers from AllTitanParts.