Elite Gas Series and How It Changes Painting Experience

Posted 1 month ago
Elite Gas Series

There are different ways of painting, as contractors have their own techniques.  But, sadly it all goes in vain when they do not have the right sprayer to work with. So, what is the solution to it? Well, a simple straightforward solution is to buy the right sprayer.

In the article below, we are going to talk about the sprayer series that will up your spraying experience. Yes, we are talking about the Elite Gas Series. We will mention the qualities it possesses also.


Elite Gas Series:

The elite gas series sprayers are hydraulic sealed sprayers that boost your spraying experience to another level. These sprayers give you the best quality results and everything that your workplace asks for. It comes with a technology that has the power to change the results and give you the best spraying experience. Let’s dig deeper and find out what it can give contractors.

Features of this sprayer series:


One of the most important things in any sprayer is the technology that it uses. In the Elite Gas series sprayers, the technology being used is PermaStroke. It does not consist of any packing or piston which means no fear of them wearing out or burning. These also come with an inlet as well as an outlet valve.

The most amazing thing about it is that it also is one hundred percent field serviceable. The valves in this sprayer are cartridge style which makes the procedure of repairing not just quick and easy but also very inexpensive. This quality of the sprayer makes it very easy to use at the job site and also the preference of the user.

The system inside the sprayer:

The second thing that we would like to talk about is the system inside the sprayer. The sealed hydraulic system of the sprayer means it does not have any electronics and there is also no clutch so it does not burn out.

This series also has a pusher valve which makes the priming guaranteed each time you work with this sprayer. Not only that but there is one more thing about this sprayer it always gives you a top-notch performance. That too with both small-sized and large-sized sprayer tips using the pressure between 300-3300 PSI.

Pulsation Dampener:

The last thing to be mentioned about this sprayer is that it comes with a Flatline pulsation dampener. So what does a dampener do? It is quite simple; the pulsation dampener is used to deduct all the pressure fluctuations that might come during spraying. It also helps you have a really smooth operation and a nice clean finish.


If you think you are looking for something that will enhance the results of your spraying without a headache then switch to the Elite Gas Series right now. it will not only change the user experience for you but it will also help you enjoy your work. You can get this sprayer from AllTitanParts now and change the game of spraying for yourself.