Capspray 105 and 115 With Their Phenomenal Qualities

Posted 1 month ago
Capspray 105 Sprayer

When the contractors start to work they are often annoyed with how the sprayers do not give efficient results. They try their best but it goes in vain when they do not have the right sprayer to work with. In this article, we are going to tell you about two sprayers that will change your whole painting experience. Yes, we are going to talk about the Capspray 105 Sprayer and the capspray 115. We will also mention their features for you to understand them clearly.

Capspray 105:

When the contractors are working with heavy-bodied coatings they need to have a sprayer that comes with 5-stage power. The fact is that they can get this power only from the capspray 105 sprayer. It is a solid sprayer that surprisingly is also really lightweight. 

The Capspray 105 sprayer is able to atomize the solvent-based enamels, thick latex, and varnishes with almost no thinning. When the projects and the work of contractors expand they tend to switch to this sprayer to get the best results. 

Capspray 115:

When we talk about the capspray 115 it is a spraying system which is a 6-staged portable turbine and is also known to be revolutionary. This sprayer is known for using high air cap pressure in combination with the silent operation to make the atomization as fine and smooth as possible. It finishes the coatings with almost no reduction. 

Qualities of these sprayers:

  • The transfer efficiency of both these sprayers is really high that ranges up to ninety percent.
  • Capspray 105 sprayer is known for being a 5-staged turbine and capspray 115 is known for being 6-staged turbine.
  • The best thing about having these sprayers is that they come with a pre-filter as well as an automotive air filter. Wondering what is the benefit of these filters? Well, they are used to completely filter the air. It can also filter the cooling air. 
  • These sprayers also come with onboard tools. Having these onboard tools means you do not have to run from here and there to collect basic things. You will get things like needles and nozzles all in one place.
  • Another fun fact about having these sprayers is that they also come with other built-in things like a cup holder and a gun holder.
  • If you are worried that you might ruin your sprayer in a few years then you need to stop. With Capspray 105 and 115, you can use the sprayer easily without being worried because both of them come with a warning light. As soon as your sprayer has a problem you will see the light blinking. The benefit of the warning light is that it extends the life of your sprayer because you can deal with problems before time. It also maximises the performance of your sprayer to a great extent.
  • Lastly, you will not get headaches with these sprayers because they consist of sound reduction technology. It automatically decreases the decibels when you are working at the job site.

Bottom Line:

Both Capspray 105 sprayer and capspray 115 come with tremendous features. If you are irritated with your boring sprayers then you can immediately switch to these to increase efficiency.

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