Impact 640 Paint Sprayer and Its Features

Posted 2 months ago
Impact 640 sprayer

If you are trying to find an impactful sprayer that will significantly enhance your spraying experience then you are at the right place. In this article, we are going to mention one sprayer that not only boosts your spraying quality but will also ease the work at the job site.

Yes, we are going to discuss the Impact 640 sprayer alongside all the professional functions that it performs. Let’s delve into the article, and find everything about this sprayer out.

Impact 640 Sprayer:

One sprayer that is continually improving in its performance is the Impact 640 sprayer. When we talk about the functions it can perform, we have to mention that it is perfect for the maintenance of property, residential, and commercial applications.

Features Of This Sprayer:

Brushless motor:

The first quality of this sprayer is the brushless HE which is fully optimized for all sorts of tip sizes along with the technique of painter. This makes working really smooth for the user and gives you the best results.

The Impact 640 sprayer comes with Quad+ packing and it also has a Sureflo pusher Valve. Furthermore, the added benefit of this sprayer is that it has an electronic pressure control with fast cleaning. It means the flushing is really quick and it cleans up really quickly too.

This sprayer also contains a permaLife cylinder. This cylinder comes with a warranty that it will never wear out.


Getting to the next feature of impact 640 we have to mention the filter. There is a manifold full-sized filter that is able to handle much more paint than any other sprayer. This way it prevents all kinds of abrasions from reaching the tip of the gun. When they do not reach the tip of the gun it saves the gun from being clogged.

It also comes with an auto oiler. Not only that but also a deep holster. With the help of this holster, the strainer remains inside the liquid to keep the pump continuously moist.

Digitrac Display:

The last quality that we are going to be talking about is the one that is talked about the most. It is the display that this sprayer consists of. It has an integrated display that has an anti-theft lock. This means no matter where the contractor is his investment will always remain safe.

Not just that but it also comes with advanced diagnostics which means the sprayer will tell you if some problem is going to occur.

You can also set the pressure on it and the working readings of the pressure which makes it easy to work. You can also easily reset the gallon, and run the time counter. It also has a programmable service time.


If you want to get your hands on this tremendous sprayer then you can go visit the website of AllTitanParts. You will get all the necessary features in the Impact 640 Sprayer and not only perform the job but do it while enjoying it.