The Phenomenal Powrcoat Series

Posted 2 months ago
Powrcoat Series

There are so many sprayers working in the industry trying to replace the sprayer with AllTitanParts. These sprayers even though work really well still are not able to match the standards of Titan.

One such sprayer series that has changed the fate of the spraying industry is the powrcoat series. With its amazing results, it has up the game of spraying. With all the qualities that it possesses, we will discuss all the details about it subsequently.

 The Powrcoat Series:

This is a series that is made for any kind of application that you want. It includes industrial maintenance, architectural finishing, roofing, corrosion control, and protective coatings. You name it, and powrcoat series will work perfectly for it.

Qualities of the Powrcoat Series:

All series sprayers by Titan have added features. Let’s dig deeper and find out what qualities this series owns that make it one of the best-used sprayers.


First things first, one thing that keeps every user worried about the sprayer is its maintenance. Not anymore, with the powrcoat series you only need minimal maintenance. It comes with a fluid section, that has a fully self-adjusting packing. This means that no matter how demanding your job is, you can still keep working for the longest time.

Motor and Power:

The next qualities are the motor and power of this series. It consists of the anti-icing motor which makes sure that you can work in all given conditions. With that, this has a spraying power that can handle any job because it works at a pressure ranging between 3000-7500 PSI.

With that, this sprayer series comes with amazing flow which means the output is anywhere between one to four gallons each minute. The packing in this series is also self-adjusting and you do not need any nuts for them.

Fluid section:

Getting to the next point which is the fluid section. This series has air motors with high efficiency, and paint pumps available for all the models of the powrcoat series.

The piston inside this sprayer is made in a way that gives you tremendous resistance to solvents and chemicals. At the same time, it creates a very smooth surface operating with as much of a smooth stroke. This also assists in decreasing wear and friction.

When we talk about the life of the sprayers, it has a carbide valve seat which increases its life to the maximum. It also gives the user a very smooth working operation with check balls made of hardened stainless steel.

This sprayer has an aircare system consisting of a filter, regulator, and lubricator. They have an automatic trap for moisture draining.


The powrcoat series sprayers are available at the site of AllTitanParts, and you can get them whenever you want to. They will make your life at the job site really easy and fast-paced because these sprayers do not stop. With amazing efficiency and effectiveness, they will also give you results like never before in no time.