What are the S-Series and M-Series Guns?

Posted 2 months ago
S-series airless gun

Are you looking for guns that will match your job requirements without you having to break the bank? Do you want something that will give you the cleanest finish with minimum effort? Then today we are going to introduce two such guns to you. The first one is the S-series airless gun and the other one is the M-series gun. We will discuss both these types for your better understanding.

S-series Airless Gun:

When we talk about the S-series airless spray guns, we have to mention that these are able to hold up extreme pressure. These guns are extremely beneficial for all the contractors that have to work with high pressure ranging from 3900-7700 PSI.

These guns are able to deal with harsh coatings because their fluid passage is made of stainless steel. The tungsten carbide that is present inside this spray gun and the sear make sure that this sprayer has more durability and longer life.

Features of these guns:

There are many features that the S-series guns come with. We will mention them below.

These spray guns come with an in-handle filter that makes the spraying really easy and quick.

The next thing about this gun is that it consists of an easy four-finger trigger pull. This way the user can spray without causing pain to the hands.

There is a swivel present inside the gun that decreases the hose kinks. There are two types of it, one is an S-3 gun, and the other is an S-7 gun. S-3 guns work at the pressure of 3900 PSI, and the S-7 gun works at the pressure of 7700 PSI.

M-Series Mastic Guns:

The second type is the M-series. This also consists of two types of guns one is an M-4 and the other one an M-8 gun. When it comes to handling the harsh and heavy coatings M-series guns come in very handy. They have a large fluid chamber and it is made of extremely durable stainless steel.

Features of M-series guns:

The M-series guns come with a fluid passage made with a straight line which helps in allowing the maximum flow. The handle present inside it is used for added comfort.

There is another thing about these guns there is a completely adjustable needle packing which increases the life of all parts of the sprayer.

These guns also come with a swivel which gives you freedom of movement without any sort of hose kinking. It is made with metal construction that is very light in weight.

The M-4 guns work at the pressure of 3600 PSI and the M-8 guns are rated at the pressure of 7700 PSI. They are extremely efficient in the job that they perform.

In Summary:

If you want to work without any obstruction and also attain the best results then these series guns can be your perfect choice. They are light in weight and are also very easy to handle. You can get the work done within no time with the help of these.