The Elite 3500 and 4500 Paint Sprayers

Posted 4 days ago

All the sprayers that AllTitanParts have introduced are amazing. They have always made sure to give their clients the best quality. They always make sprayers that work effortlessly for the people and are always the most beneficial. In this article, we will be talking about elite 3500 and 4500 paint sprayers. We will also discuss all the features that come with it. 

Elite paint sprayer:

The elite paint sprayers are best for all the users that have to work continuously. With these sprayers, You can get the job site done conveniently. These sprayers increase the speed of your sprayer by half the time. 

Features of Elite 3500 & 4500 Sprayers:


The first feature that we are going to talk about is the technology that is used in these paint sprayers. Having this technology means that these sprayers do not contain any packing, piston, or cylinder. This means that you will not have to worry about them wearing out. These also come with inlet and outlet valves that have one piece. It is also one hundred per cent field serviceable.

Hydraulic system:

The next thing about these sprayers is that it comes with a sealed hydraulic system. The best part is that because it has a sealed hydraulic system, it comes with no clutches or electronics. This saves you from burning out.

Pulsation dampener:

The next part about these sprayers is that they come with a flatline pulsation dampener. The biggest benefit of having the pulsation dampener is that it can eliminate the pressure. With that, all the small fluctuations in the pressure can also be deducted. This way, the operation is extremely smooth, and its finish is consistent.

Pusher valve:

These sprayers also come with a pusher valve. The sureflo pusher valve is able to make the process of priming very easy and quick.

No spill filter:

These sprayers have a pump filter known as the no-spill filter. This is designed in a way that it is vertical. This design helps you in retaining the coat when being removed.

Pneumatic tires:

Because of all these features, these sprayers are extremely beneficial and easy to work with. This means that the sprayers come with large pneumatic tires with them. With the help of these large tires, you can easily move the sprayers from one place to the other. This makes the work on the job site not just quick but also very easy. These tires make the sprayers travel very smoothly over any surface.

Built-in handles:

The next thing about these sprayers is that they come with built-in handles. These handles make the procedure of loading and unloading very easy. You can make the transportation within no time.

Telescoping handles:

These sprayers also come with telescoping handles. Having these handles means you can easily extend them when you need to use them on the site, or you can also retract them for transportation.

Tip holders:

Lastly, it comes with two tip holders. You can keep all the extra tips at the job site and use them when you want.


These two sprayers work very effectively and never disappoint the user. These sprayers have added features like handles and holders to make the work easy. You can use these sprayers on the job site and do your work competently.