Things about the Hydra X series that are unmatched

Posted 9 months ago

The sprayers by AllTitanParts have always been extremely efficient, but some are unmatched. One such sprayer is the Hydra X series sprayer, which has qualities that cannot be found in any other sprayer.


We will discuss each quality in this article so you know what you get when you get this sprayer. Let’s begin with the basic things about it.

 Hydra X series:


The Hydra X series has a direct immersion system with no transfer pumps. It also does not need to have compressors and siphon tubes. As a result, the Hydra X series sprayer can maximize efficiency when you are at the job site. It also comes with hydraulics that can sense limits, so you can control it well. The auto lift system increases or decreases the fluid with a simple push.


Qualities of the Hydra X series:


Talking about the qualities of the Hydra X series, the first one has to be its technology. This sprayer comes with hydra stroke technology which gives you durability and the kind of performance you will not find anywhere else. This sprayer can spray all types of light and heavy coatings with so much ease. This is impossible with clutch units easily burnt by the small tips.


Talking about the next feature of this sprayer, it comes with a severe service fluid section. In addition, it comes with a five-inch-long system with a slow-stroking piston that can maximize the power. It can also extend the life of a sprayer with its efficiency.


The new thing that you will find in this sprayer is that it uses a tri-chrome process. This is used so you can have the most durable fluid. It is also designed in a way that is used for aggressive coatings. It also comes with self-adjusting packing, which means you can use it to better the life of your sprayer. It is also able to extend the time that is used between the repacks.


With that, this sprayer’s patent design can also quickly remove the fluid section. So it is also straightforward to get done that a single person can do it when needed on the job site.


Talking about the sprayer’s design, it sure is designed smartly. One sprayer at one time can give you two different kinds of performances at a time. This feature is what makes this sprayer really premium to be used.


The last thing about it is that it comes with a highly efficient cooling system. The cooling fans inside it can increase the airflow over the hydraulics. It also comes with a 6-gallon fluid reservoir inside it.