Accessories and Features of the Capspray Series

Posted 7 months ago

There is a lot of different series that have been introduced by all Titan parts and each one of them did a great job. We have discussed quite a few series and we know they are all doing great. In this article, we will be talking about the Capspray series. This series has done wonders in the industry and the amount of contractors that use this every day is a lot. 

Capspray series:

When you need to work on woodworking, finishing the furniture, and cabinetry which requires transfer efficiency really high, you need to have the Capspray series. These sprayers are HVLP, portable, and are also very light in weight. They will help you in getting finish with precision and a very high speed. This in turn increases the profit and the productivity of your work. 

Accessories of the Capspray sprayer: 

Remote cup:

The first accessory that we are going to talk about is the QT remote cup which makes you able in increasing the time of spraying between refills. For that, you also do not need to have the weight, and the cost added of the air compressor. 

Paint preparation system:

The next accessory that we are going to talk about is the paint preparation system. This is the closed paint system which is able to deduct the need for the separation of mixtures in the filters or the cups. Rather than that you will have the liner bags which connect to the direct filter and are later attached to the gun with the adapter. This accessory is again one of the best accessories of this sprayer series.

Maxum Elite gravity gun:

The third accessory that we are going to talk about is the maxum elite gravity gun. This again is an amazing accessory for better results. This accessory is able to easily change from a standard pressure cup to a gravity fed cup. This is also the accessory that is able to work with all the HVLP turbines. 

Features of this series:

Each sprayer series comes with a lot of features we will discuss the features of this sprayer series.

We will start off with the powerful atomization that comes with this sprayer series. This sprayer’s power is able to deliver very fine atomization so that you get a superior finish.

This series also comes with a very high transfer efficiency which ranged up to 90%. This series also comes with dual air filtration which can atomize the air side. It also comes with a pre-filter present on both the cooling air side, as well as the atomizing air sides.

It also comes with a toolbox that is built inside it which contains nozzles, needles, as well as air caps. This also contains cup holders, which act as a docking station. This station is used for the transfer pump accessory.

Lastly, this sprayer also comes with a warning light telling you when to change the filters or clean them.