The Lazyliner Series and All its Types

Posted 1 year ago

There are a lot of amazing series by all Titan parts that we have discussed. We have also seen how each one of them comes with a lot of benefits and qualities. All these series are extremely efficient and work with their maximum power.

Out of all these series, the series that we are going to be discussing today is the lazyliner series. This series again comes with tremendous qualities. With that, we will also discuss the types of this series. 

Lazy liner series:

The lazyliner series is basically able to take all your load off your shoulders and it also increases your work productivity. The productivity increases up to four times as compared to when you are working with other sprayer series. This is the series that helps you in getting more profits and helps you in covering the large-sized projects within no time.

The qualities that this series comes with start off with the comfort that is completely adjustable according to your need. It comes with a high chair that has comfort that you can easily adjust. The seat is able to adjust completely in all directions forward, back, as well as side to side. The best part is that you can also easily adjust the height of the paddle.

The next thing about this sprayer is that it comes with a sensor that automatically shuts off when there is a safety problem. This is the series that is also compatible with all the powrliner series sprayers. 

Types of the lazyliner series:

There are also some different types of the lazyliner series that we will discuss below. 

Lazyliner elite:

The first type of lazyliner series that we need to discuss is the lazyliner elite series. The best part about having this type is that it comes with pneumatic tires that are very large in size. With that, it also has a lamp coil which has 100 watts of the charging system. This sprayer is really good because it also comes with a bumper bar for the protection of the engine. Lastly, this is the sprayer that needs a hitch kit to work. You can start this type of sprayer with a simple pull. 

Lazyliner pro:

The next type of the lazyliner series is the lazyliner pro sprayer. just like any other sprayer this one also comes with a lot of qualities and is top-notch. When the contractors need to get their work done quickly with less effort then they use this sprayer. The lazyliner pro is the sprayer that again comes with the standard pneumatic tires that are really large in size. These tires make it very easy to move the sprayer from one place to the other. This sprayer type of lazyliner series also needs a hitch kit to work. This is the sprayer that starts wiht electric use.

These are all the qualities that come in these types of lazyliner series. You can easily use these sprayers once you get your hands on them.