What are Some Different Types of Spray Guns?

Posted 1 month ago

When it comes to the quality of the Titan sprayers and spray guns, no other company can match its standards. They always make sure that whatever they are producing is always top quality and the users do not face any trouble.

In this article, we are going to be talking about some of the types of airless spray guns by all titan parts. We will also discuss the qualities that they come up with for you.

RX-Apex Spray Gun:

The first spray gun that we are going to talk about is the RX-apex spray gun. it is an airless spray gun that works really efficiently. The first feature that it comes with is that this gun has infinity packing. This means that the life of the gun is increased about two times. This happens when the seat is reversed and the ball is changed.

With that, this spray gun has a fingerprint grip which means that the person who is using this gun can easily adjust it according to his need. You can easily, and fully customize the fingerprint grip according to your hand.

The next thing that is to be mentioned about this spray gun is that it comes with an all-day trigger. This means that these guns’ trigger is about 28 percent lighter in weight, and holds almost 74 percent lesser force. This spray gun also comes with a swivel that works as free flow.

This means that the feed is direct with the help of a swivel that is built inside it. This spray gun comes with a two-fingered trigger and it works at a pressure of about 5000 PSI. 

S3 & S7 Airless Guns:

The S3 and S7 are the next type of airless guns that come with an in-handle filter. These are the guns that are made with stainless steel and are able to work even under too much pressure. When the contractors need to work on the pressure between 3900 to 7700 PSI they prefer using these guns. These guns are able to handle corrosive coatings because the passage for fluid is also made with stainless steel.

These are the guns that come with the four-finger trigger. With that, these guns also have a swivel that is able to decrease the hose kink. The S3 gun is rated at a pressure of about 3900 PSI whereas the S7 gun is rated at a pressure of about 7700 PSI.

M4 & M8 Mastic Guns: 

The next type of airless spray gun is mastic gun. The M4 and M8 mastic guns are used to send the flow through the passage that is made in a straight line. This also comes with a handle that is angled in a way that it is able to increase your comfort. It also comes with needle packing that is fully adjustable and also increases the life of the worn parts. It also comes with a swivel that is able to give freedom to whatever movement needs to happen.