The Powrcoat Series With its Amazing Features

Posted 1 month ago

There are a lot of Titan products that we have talked about and each one of them has turned out to be the best. All the products are made with top-notch quality and they do better than each other. Each of the products is made with the same amount of effort and that is why they are all the best. In this article, we are going to talk about the Powrcoat series and all the qualities that come with it.

Powrcoat series:

These are the sprayers that are built for literally any work. It is made to be used for all sorts of applications. This includes industrial maintenance, finishing, roofing, corrosion control, and marine as well as protective coatings.

 Qualities of the Powrcoat series:

The first quality that we are going to talk about is that this is the sprayer that needs minimal maintenance. It comes with a fluid section that has a severe duty. It also comes with packing that is self-adjusting and helps you keep up with all the demands that you face on the job site.

The next really amazing thing about this sprayer is that it also comes with an anti-icing motor. Having this motor in the sprayer means you can work continuously on the job site without any delay. This makes you work properly without any unnecessary stoppage.

This is one of the sprayers that is literally able to handle any job that you face while working. The pressure of this amazing series sprayer ranged between 3000 to 7500 PSI. This makes your work very easy and you can get it done really quickly.

This also is the sprayer that can spray up to four gallons every minute. Because we know that the packing is self-adjusting it does not need any nut to adjust it. This again makes the work very easy.

We know that this sprayer comes with a severe service fluid section. It comes with air motors as well as paint pumps that are really efficient and are used on all the models of this series. This is the sprayer that comes with solvent resistance and chemicals inside it which gives you a very smooth surface. This helps you with the smooth stroke, minimising wear and tear and friction.

This is the sprayer series that also comes with tungsten carbide. Having this tungsten carbide means it gives maximum life to this sprayer. This also makes the operation really smooth with the check balls that are present. The balls are made with hardened stainless steel.

This is the sprayer that also consists of the air care system. Having this air care system means that it has a regulator, lubricator, and filter present in it. It comes with durability that is optimal with every single coat. It also comes with a moisture trap that automatically drains.

These are all the qualities that come in the sprayers of this amazing series. You can avail all the features by getting your hand on this series.