The Fine Finishing Sprayers

Posted 1 year ago
Fine Finishing Sprayers

We have often talked about all the sprayers that are really hyped and are known to be the best sprayers but not about those that are not just as hyped. There are some sprayers that are doing a lot to support the industry but are not appreciated enough.

In this article, we are going to talk about some sprayers like that in this article for you to know what is not hyped is also amazing. Yes, we are going to talk about airless and air-assisted fine finishing sprayers. 

ED 655 Plus:

The first sprayer that we are going to talk about is the ED 655 plus sprayer. The sprayer that you might not have heard about a lot so, we will just introduce it to you. The ED 655 plus is very lightweight as well as a compact sprayer which is very convenient to be used at the job site. This is because of its compactness is also very easy to transport from one place to the other. For all the contractors who have to deal with fine finish projects, this sprayer is the best for them. The maximum delivery of this sprayer is 0.35 gpm with a fluid pressure of 2800 PSI.


The second fine finishing sprayer that we are going to talk about is the aircoat sprayer. this sprayer is again not very hyped but works really efficiently and tremendously. This is the sprayer that is the combination of an HVLP sprayer because of its transfer efficiency, and an airless sprayer because of the précised control. The titan aircoat is the sprayer that makes you able to spray the coatings in the air-assisted mode which makes the coating ultra-fine and also gives you great transfer efficiency. If you want to get a broader range of exterior and interior coatings then you need to switch to the airless mode of this sprayer and just ace what you are doing. This will give you the most amazing speed of production that you must be expecting from any of the titan sprayers. Just like the ED 655 plus the maximum delivery of this sprayer is also 0.35 gpm with a fluid pressure is also 2800 PSI.

Multifinish 440 Sprayers:

The last sprayer of the airless and air-assisted fine finish sprayers that we are going to mention is the Multi finish 440 sprayer. out of all the air-assisted fine finish sprayers, the multi-finish 440 sprayer has the highest production. This is so because it is built on the titan 440 system which is known to be a legendary system in the company. This is also because you are getting to have the qualities of two different sprayers in just a single one. This sprayer is also able to spray all sorts of coatings with zero to no reduction. The maximum delivery of this sprayer is different from the other two and is 0.54 gpm with a fluid pressure of 3300 PSI.