The Hydra X Series with Its Awesomeness

Posted 1 year ago
Hydra X Series

There are a lot of different series and sprayers that are customer favorites and loved by all the users. One such series that we are going to talk about is the hydra X series.

Since the time, this series arrived it has only been getting better for the users as well as the company. This series has always helped users to work better and do better. In this article, we will tell you why it is the best and why you should always go for it.

The Hydra X series:

The hydra X series comes with a direct system of immersion which means you do not need to have any sort of pump for the spraying process. It comes with an air compressor as well as flexible siphon tubes. This is the sprayer series that increases your efficiency when it comes to working at the job site.

To get better control when you are spraying this sprayer comes with hydraulics that is limit-sensing, as well as a fluid that is interchangeable. This sprayer also comes with an auto lift system which is able to decrease and increase the fluid section with just a single push. When you need to work on the toughest coatings Hydra X series is like your best partner.

Qualities of This Amazing Sprayer:

It is not possible to have a sprayer this amazing and not talk about what all it comes with. The first feature or quality that we are going to be talking about is the most effective and amazing cooling system. This system comes with two cooling fans that are able to maximize the flow of air on the hydraulic system. It also comes with a fluid reservoir that is able to hold 6 gallons.

The next thing that we love the most about this sprayer is the smart design that this series comes with. It is designed with the most thought put into it to turn out this amazing. It is one sprayer that comes with a linked fluid section which means you get two different kinds of performances with just a single sprayer. This sprayer also comes with large tires that are about 12 inches in size and it makes it very easy to move around and work better.

The next quality that again is a must to mention is the auto lift system. Having this system means that you can change the 5 gallons of pails or 55 gallons of drums very effortlessly. This also means you can increase or decrease the fluid section by just pressing a single button and without any added effort.

With that, we should not forget to mention that this sprayer also comes with Hydrastroke technology. This technology is able to give you the most amazing durability with hydraulics controlled electronically. This sprayer also comes with sever service fluid section which is again 5 inches long. This also is able to extend the life of a sprayer. It also used the T-chrome process to give you the fluid section that is the most durable.