Why Not Get The Powertwin DI Series?

Posted 1 week ago
Why Not Get The Powertwin DI Series?

All the sprayers that have been brought to you by all titan parts have been the most amazing ones and each one of them keeps getting better.

All these sprayers have been doing really great in the industry and they have always tried to give the most comfortable ever. They are always proving to be the best in their own sport and ace in whatever work is being taken from them.

In this article, we are going to be talking about the powrtwin DI series which again is one of the best sprayers in town and doing great in where it is used.

Powrtwin DI Series:

Talking about the powrtwin DI series there is a lot that we need to mention because of how many features it comes with. The powrtwin DI series comes with multi-gun support which means you can work more at one time. It also comes with a direct immersion system which makes you able to spray all the heavy-bodied as well as light-bodied coatings. It can work with all sorts of coatings like elastomeric as well as drywall. These sprayers are also known as one of the best portable sprayers in town.

Features That Come With This Amazing Series:

The first feature that we are going to talk about is the direct immersion system. Not all the sprayers come with this amazing system so it sure makes this sprayer a special one. Through this feature, this sprayer is able to siphon all the coatings with heavy viscosity very efficiently.

The next feature that really is noticeable about this spraying series is that it is able to work with multi guns. This is the sprayer series that is able to support about 6 guns at one time. This way you can work the triple amount as compared to the normal sprayer. It comes with a power of 3.15 GPM which sure is leading in the industry and it also has 12000 plus DI.

The next thing that again is a must to mention about this sprayer is that it also is convertible. This is also a bonus feature of this series. What you can do is basically convert it between the electric motor and the gas engine. The best part is that you do not even need to have any tools to do this. It is very easy to do and without the help of anything external.

With that, we will mention the next feature which is the belt guard that comes with it. It comes with pivoting housing which means you have easy access to the replacement of the conversion of power source. All these things combined make this series one of the bests.

The last thing that we are going to talk about in this sprayer series is that it comes with an EZ swing frame which again is one best feature. This swing frame is able to minimize spillage when you are changing the paint and also makes the process of transportation very easy.