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Posted 2 weeks ago
Powrbeast Series and Its Unmatched Qualities

When it comes to spraying, there are a lot of companies with a lot of products that have been doing great. All the companies are fighting really hard to be number one and try to attract as many customers as possible. They are also trying to be the best in whatever they give their customers.

We all know titan is also one such company that has been doing it all and giving great products to the customers. In this article, we are going to be talking about the best of the best sprayers which are the Powrbeast seriesAlong with that, we will also mention all the features that come with it.

The Powrbeast Series:

Talking about the powrbeast series it sure is one of the best titan series in town. It comes with all the amazing features that one sprayer could possibly have. The powrbeast series is the sprayer which is heavy-duty and has hydraulic pistons with direct immersion. When it comes to talking about the contractors that are really serious about their work, they choose the powrbeast series. All the contractors that need to work on larger projects, and also need durability as well as more power can get their hands on the powrbeast series.

Qualities That Come With It:

There are a lot of qualities that come with each sprayer and so we would now like to talk about all of them. The powrbeast sprayer comes with some extra added qualities too that must be mentioned.

The first one that we need to talk about is the Hydrastroke technology which makes each sprayer the best one. The technology has to be the most important one because it is what makes the sprayer work better.

The technology that gives this powrbeast series comes with durability that is surely unmatched and the performance of this sprayer is also powered by the hydraulics that is controlled electronically.

The small tips are able to damage the clutch units but that does not happen with this sprayer series. It comes with a lot of versatility which means it can coat all sorts of heavy and light-bodied coatings.

The motor present in this sprayer’s hydraulics is optimized by a single part that moves which increases the life and reduces the heat.

With that, this sprayer also comes with a piston that is slow-stroking and is able to maximize efficiency as well as power. It comes with packing too that is self-adjusting. This increases the time between each repack.

It is also known to be field serviceable which also comes with a fluid section with easy replacement and removal.

The best part about getting this series is that it comes with a really intelligent design which also comes with a great cooling system. It also has very large pneumatic tires that increase the portability and can also easily travel through all the rough and tough places. It also comes with an assembly that is simplified to give you easy services.