The Series for Everyone

Posted 1 year ago
Elite Series

There are a lot of series by all titan parts that have made their names in the industry and not just that but also been really popular among users. We will discuss one such series today as well because we think more and more people need to know about these, to make their lives easier.

If you cannot already guess, we will just directly mention it as it is none other than one of the best series’ i.e. the Elite series.

We will talk about this series and mention everything that we can about it and see what all it comes with.

Elite Series:

This is a series that is literally made for everyone, and it can be useful because it can be used in any job type and job site.

This is the series that is best for all environments where you cannot normally work. This series is

able to work and deal with all sorts of problems.

Features of the Amazing Elite Series: 


The first thing that is the most beneficial about any of the sprayers is the technology that is being used in them. This is the sprayer that comes with the Perma stroke technology which surely is the best one. This way your projects become way easier than you how you normally deal with them.

Perma stroke technology is able to deliver the best performance and it works at a pressure ranging between 300 to 3300 PSI.

The best thing about getting this sprayer is that it does not come with any sort of packing, piston, or cylinder and that is exactly why you do not have to worry about any sort of burning out or wearing out. Because it does not wear out at all, you do not even need to worry about replacing it.

The next thing that again is a must to mention is that this sprayer series comes with a flat line pulsation dampener. If you do not know about it already, with ordinary sprayers, you have to worry about the pressure fluctuations, when you have a pulsation dampener you get rid of the worries of pressure fluctuation either. It is able to control the pressure and it also gives you smooth operation. This pulsation dampener is able to also eliminate the dead band too. It again makes your procedure of working so much easier too.

When you are working with the sprayers, you also want to get easy priming done. With this sprayer, you have a pusher valve which makes the process of priming easier.

When you have to work at the job site you obviously have to move it from one place to the other, and for that you need to have good tires. This sprayer comes with large pneumatic tires that are 12 inches long and that is why you can make it travel easily from one place to the other. It can also very conveniently move even at the rugged job site.

You can again get this sprayer from all titan parts and enjoy the experience.