The Top-Notch Hydra X Series Is Better Than All

Posted 2 months ago
Hydra X Series

If you are a user of sprayers who has to work consistently and does not really get a break from spraying even once then you know what we are talking about when we say top-notch Hydra X series.

This is one series that even can not be compared to the sprayers by all titan parts because the Hydra X series is better than even its best competition.

If you do not already know what we are talking about even now, then we would let it out that in this article we are going to mention the Hydra X series. We will tell you exactly why this sprayer is the best one and why you should get your hands on it right away.

Hydra X Series:

When you do not have the direct immersion system, which actually means that you do not need any sort of transfer pumps, and you do not have siphon tubes that are flexible or compressors then you need to have this Hydra X series so that you get the maximum efficiency.

This is the sprayer series which comes with hydraulics that can sense the limit so that you have better control over your sprayer and you can also get sections changed without any trouble. When you have to work on or deal with the toughest coatings that are exactly when you need to have the Hydra X series working.

Types of the Hydra X Series:

Now, that we know what kind of sprayer series is Hydra X series, we would like to talk about some of the types from the Hydra X series.

Hydra X 4540:

The first type of Hydra series that we are going to mention is the Hydra X 4540 sprayer. This is also a very high production unit that is perfect for all sorts of architectural coatings, as well epoxies, and drywall mud.

Even though you can use this sprayer anytime that you want to use it but you have to specifically use this sprayer when you want to spray roof coatings, asphalt emulsion, commercial coatings, and zinc coatings.

Hydra X 7230:

The second type of the Hydra X series that we are going to talk about is the Hydra X 7230 sprayer. this sprayer is known to be extremely powerful for all the materials that are hard to atomize for example epoxies and silicone. You can use this sprayer for all the tough coatings and literally forget that it was tough in the first place.

You can use this sprayer also for all sorts of coatings but specifically when you have to spray, silicone, epoxies, and elastomeric.

All these types come with so many amazing qualities like having the Hydrastroke technology which is one of the top-notch qualities in any sprayer. just like that these sprayers also have a severe service fluid section. This is also made with a very smart design which you can use with so much ease.