Different Sprayers from the Elite Series

Posted 2 months ago
Different Sprayers from the Elite Series

There are a lot of sprayers that we have already discussed and there are going to be a lot more too because titan does not stop making these amazing sprayers so will not stop talking about these sprayers.

If you think you have elite taste in sprayers then it just would not be okay to not get some elite sprayers. Having said that we would now like to talk about the sprayers from the elite series, with their amazing qualities.

Elite 3000:

The first sprayer that we are going to be talking about is the Elite 3000 sprayer which is perfect to be used at all residential places, for maintenance of the property, all the small commercial applications.

This sprayer comes with the Perma stroke technology, which comes with a continuous stroking system, which also eliminates the dead band, and gives you coverage that is amazingly consistent.

This sprayer does not come with any packing or piston so there is no trouble of wearing out, and burning out. It also comes with a warranty of a lifetime for the fluid pump. This will also give you the top performance that you would require for your job site.

With that this elite 3000 sprayer also comes with a pusher valve. This pusher valve makes the process of priming the system very easy.

Not just that but this sprayer also comes with a multi-positioned cart that has a spray configuration. This configuration includes a direct immersion and also has a low rider siphon.

With all of that this sprayer also is field serviceable. This means that you can easily change the inlet and outlet valves, in very less time. The changing of tools will surely take you very less time and you will be able to work more on the job site.

Elite 3500/4500:

If you are the contractor who is looking for a sprayer that is light in weight, is also gas-powered, and can get done all the jobs from small to medium then you need to have these sprayers with you.

With all the other features these sprayers also come with a Perma stroke technology which means a stroking system that eliminates the dead band, and delivers constant coverage.

What is different in these sprayers from the elite 3000 is that this sprayer also comes with an amazing feature of a pulsation dampener. What this dampener does is what you must be thinking of so we will sort that out for you. With this flatline dampener, you will be able to eliminate all the fluctuations that might be coming in the pressure while working. Not just that but this dampener also provides you with the smoothest function and helps you get a finish that is consistent and fine.

The best thing about having these sprayers is that they are also very rugged and durable too. when you are working at the job site, you can trust them completely and get your work done in no time. Getting these sprayers will surely be your best decision.