Powrtwin 4900 and Powrtwin 6900

Posted 7 months ago
Powrtwin 4900 and Powrtwin 6900

There are a lot of places where you would find good sprayers and they would all be working just fine but every time that you need to have a sprayer that will make a difference in your work life, you would want to switch to titan.

The sprayers that have been introduced by titan are all worthy to be praised and they are best-selling because of their unmatched performance.

In this article, we are going to be talking about two such sprayers, that work really efficiently and they are also very effective.

Powrtwin Series:

Whenever you are looking for something that comes with amazing durability and you can also depend upon it with all your work then you need to have powrtwin series sprayers with you.

These sprayers are very good when it comes to working without any pressure so you should get your hands on them as soon as possible.

Coming to the sprayers that are the powrtwin 6900 and powrtwin 4900 we will get to know about all their features and see how amazing they work.

Powrtwin 4900 and Powrtwin 6900:

Pressure Control:

One of the most important things that anybody would want in their sprayer is to have good pressure control which you will surely get in these sprayers.

The pressure control with these sprayers is extremely accurate and that is why you do not have to worry about losing your hands on them. The pressure of these sprayers ranges between 400 to 3300 PSI. These sprayers are able to paint anywhere between the low viscosity primers and paints that are heavy-bodied.

Fill and Dipstick:

Talking about the next feature of these sprayers, you will find vented hydraulic sticks in this sprayer which makes it very easy for you to easily access all the things, and cause less mess too.

Outclass frame:

With all the other qualities these sprayers also come with a wrap-around frame which gives the sprayer extra stability along with extra strength.


Not just that but these sprayers also come with filters that are easily removable. This only takes you three simple turns to remove the filter.

Cooling fan:

Whenever you are working with machines one problem that you constantly have to face is them being heated up. To save you from any such trouble you will get very efficient cooling fun which makes the hydraulic cooler and in turn increases the life of the sprayer.


Heavy duty frame:

The next thing about these sprayers that we would want to discuss is their heavy-duty frame. These sprayers come with a cart that is durable and consists of a telescoping handle. This handle makes it very easy to use the sprayer and moves it around too.


When you are getting a sprayer, one thing that you cannot surely ignore is the engine because if it will not work properly, your sprayer will not work either.

These sprayers come with a Honda GX160 engine which is completely dependable, is also gas-powered, and also has a low-oil alert.