The Hydra X Series of titan and its features

Posted 1 month ago
The Hydra X Series of titan and its features

As time has changed, people’s approach toward technology has also changed. Now, people look for portable and comfortable tools for their daily use, like paint sprayers.

There were days when people used to have rollers and paint buckets in their hands. And now, they are replaced by paint sprayers.  Paint sprayers have changed the idea of painting as they save your time, paint, and money simultaneously.

There are very few companies, like titan, that promise to provide the best players to their customers with lifelong guarantees and comfort.

The Hydra X series is one of the coolest paint sprayer series you will ever encounter. The best thing about them is their limit sensing hydraulics that helps you have better control and easy coating.

The paint sprayers of the Hydra X series consist of interchangeable fluid sections that you can lower or raise whenever needed.

The interchangeable fluid sections help you have better control over your painting and the sprayer you hold in your hand.

 What Is Hydra X, And How Does It Work?

It is a paint sprayer that works on a direct immersion system and provides you with a smooth finish even in the toughest conditions.

The direct immersion system is a system without a transfer pump, air compressors, and flexible siphon tubes. And titan has introduced this new series to help users deal with the toughest coatings and too much workload at the job site.

 What are the features of Hydra X?

If you discuss the features of these series, the list is long, but we will discuss them one by one.

Hydra Stroke technology

The hydra stroke technology of this paint sprayer helps you get a performance powered electronically by hydraulics. Not only this, but it also offers unmatched durability, and with its help of it, you can deal with heat and other issues.

The Hydra stroke technology reduces heat in sprayers and extends its life for future use. Also, the spraying tips work amazingly in all conditions.

Severe Service Fluid section

One of the amazing features of this sprayer is its fluid section. The severe fluid section is capable of heaving and aggressive coating and it is a rare feature to find in paint sprayers.

It consists of a 5″ long stroking piston and self-adjusting technology to help you deal with aggressive coatings with grace.

Smart Design

The design of Hydra X is based on large 12″ pneumatic tires and modular fluid sections to show versatility at a job site.

It consists of a smart design that makes it easy to use and move at the job site.

Auto-Lift System

The auto-lift system helps you lower and raises the fluid section with the touch of your hand. With the help of a button, adjust the liquid section, or can changeover 55 gallons of drums.

The Hydra X also consists of an efficient cooling system and a large hydraulic fluid reservoir.

You can purchase this super amazing sprayer from titan to make your painting tasks a piece of cake.