Accessories That Come With Fine Finish Sprayers

Posted 1 month ago
Accessories That Come With Fine Finish Sprayers

We have often talked about the sprayers and we have also seen how amazingly they work but we do not appreciate the back support of these sprayers enough i.e. the accessories of these sprayers.

If it is not for these accessories these sprayers would never be able to work perfectly. In this article, we are going to be talking about some of the accessories of the fine finish sprayers and we will also see their working with that.

HVLP Power Cart:

The first accessory that we are going to mention is the HVLP power cart that comes with these sprayers and sees how beneficial it is for the sprayers.

The HVLP carts are basically used at places where it is difficult to move the cart from one job site to the other and you also need to complete the project early too.

This HVLP cart comes with an auto-shut procedure which makes the operation very quiet and also uses low heat. This way it gives the user more efficiency and also increases the operating life of the sprayer.


With that, this cart also has a positive lock mechanism so that you can easily do the mounting of all the turbine units of the Capspray series.

This power cart is made with polymer and steel which is solid and it combines to make the sprayer very lightweight, and It also strengthens it.

The 2.5-gallon pressure is coated with the powder and it is also equipped with a gauge and regulator. It also comes with a telescoping handle along with a hose wrap which makes the storage very easy. It also comes with pot-liners which makes the process of clean-up very easy.

Cleaning Kit with Case:

We are now going to be talking about all the objects that are present in the cleaning kit with the case. This kit comes with 6 pieces of needle set, along with the handle for the needles. It also comes with a handle to be used with the end brush.

It comes with a pickup brush that is 12 inches long and nylon bristle brushes along with a mini-twisted brush that comes with 5 pieces. There are also a lot of other brushes that are included in this kit too.

Paint Preparation System:

We are now going to talk about the paint preparation system which is extremely unique, that deducts the need of separating the mixing cups. The other way to get it done is that it is all mixed in a liner bag which attaches to the direct filter.

As you dispense the paint that is freshly filtered, the liner bag is collapsed completely, which allows the gun to easily spray at any angle that you would want it to work with.

The best part about it is that it acts as a cleaner, also makes the system way faster, and it is also very safe from any sort of contamination coming from outside. This will also save a lot of your time and you will be able to get more work done in less time.