The Powrcoat Series with All the Unmatched Qualities

Posted 1 month ago
Powrcoat series

In each company, there is that one sprayer that you think is perfect for every single job that you would want to perform at the job site.

With titan, you will surely feel like all the sprayers are made for all the work which is true to some extent because all the sprayers come with uncountable qualities. But, in this article, we are going to be talking about one series sprayer that actually is perfect for jobs more than what you can think of.

Yes, we are going to be discussing the Powrcoat series and along with that we will be talking about all the features or you can say the qualities that come with it.

Powrcoat Series:

This is a series sprayer that is made in a way that you can use it in different ways for different purposes like industrial maintenance, architectural coatings, roofing, corrosion control, marine, waterproofing, and protective coatings too.

With this sprayer, you will understand that you will not go for anything ordinary because now premium is standard.


We will now get to know about the features that come with this sprayer in more detail for your knowledge and awareness.


One thing that keeps the contractors awake at night with the sprayers is their maintenance, but you do not have to worry about that with this sprayer. it needs very minimal maintenance because of the proven severe-duty fluid section and the self-adjusting packing which helps you in keeping the work going no matter how tough the job is.

With that, this sprayer also comes with an anti-icing motor which makes sure that your operation is continuous no matter what sort of environment are you working in.

The pressure of the Powrcoat series sprayer ranges between about 3000 to 7500 PSI which makes it very convenient to handle any sort of job at the job site. The flow of this series sprayer is also amazing because you can spray anywhere between one to 4 gallons-per-minute. It is also self-adjusting because it does not come with any packing nut.

Fluid Section:

Because we have mentioned the fluid section above so we will talk more about it in detail because it deserves to be talked more about.

The severe-service paint pumps along with the air motor that is very high in efficiency are standard for all the sprayers of this series.

The piston that comes with the Powrcoat series is made in a way that it provides you with a chemical that is unmatched, and solvent resistant. This happens while the smooth surface is creating an operation that is smooth, has lesser friction, and also has less wear.

This sprayer also comes with valve seats of tungsten carbide that provide your sprayer with a maximum life span and it also gives you the operation that is efficient, and smooth with the hardened steel check balls.

It also comes with an air-care system which comes with a complete filter, regulator, and lubricator. This gives it optimal durability, with every single Powrcoat.