Capspray 75 and 95 and their features

Posted 1 month ago
Capspray 75 and 95 and their features

We know that there are a lot of people who are already big fans of the Capspray series and its sprayer so what better than discussing it for you to understand it even better?

In this article, we are going to be discussing two of the sprayers from the Capspray series that are the Capspray 75 and Capspray 95 with all the functions that come with this sprayer so that you understand what is right for your job and what is not.

Capspray 75:

The first sprayer that we are going to be talking about is the Capspray 75. Each sprayer is made for some specific function along with all the general functions that it can perform.

One specific function of this sprayer is that it is ideal for all the residential and commercial jobs that are medium. This sprayer also comes with 3 stage handle as well as multi-color coatings in addition to sealers, stains, and all the varnishes that are light-bodied.

Capspray 95:

The next sprayer is the Capspray 95 which would be perfect for you when the size of your job is increasing. Every time that you need your sprayer to give more power, you need to rely upon the Capspray 95 sprayer. it has 4 staged turbine units, it is versatile and it is made in a way that you do a very wide range of different coatings. These coatings can be anywhere from ultra-thin to heavy latex.

This sprayer comes with atomizing air filtration so the finish that you get is of the highest quality. The best part about having this sprayer is that it comes with a longer hose and noise control that helps you in extending the usage of this sprayer.


Coming to all the features of these two sprayers we will discuss them together to less complicate it for you.

The first feature that is a must to mention is that the Capspray 75 sprayer comes with a three-stage turbine which is used for all the coatings that are light-bodied for example the stains, and lacquers.

Do not wonder too much because there also comes a turbine with the Capspray 95 which is four-staged and it is not only perfect for light-bodied coatings but is also pretty much perfect for the medium bodied-coatings too.

These sprayers also come with a transfer efficiency that is really high and it ranges up to about ninety percent.

These sprayers also come with dual air-filtration which comes with a pre-filter and it also has the filter of automotive type in which the turbine air is also filtered.

The next thing again is one of the most important things i.e. the onboard tools box. This toolbox consists of a lot of different types of needles air caps, nozzles, and nozzle wrenches too. With that, this sprayer also has a cup holder and a built-in gun. This makes up for some extra storage in the sprayer and portability too.