The Most Amazing Hydra X Series with All Its Qualities

Posted 2 weeks ago
The Most Amazing Hydra X Series with All Its Qualities

You might have seen a lot of different sprayers in your work experience and you might have loved them all for their performance and qualities but what we are going to talk about today is definitely something you would not have heard before.

We know that with time Titan is the company that keeps bringing new products and they always surpass the expectation because what is coming is surely better than what already existed.

In this article, we are going to discuss the Hydra X series for you to know with all its qualities and its worthy features.

Hydra X Series:

First things first, this is the sprayer that comes with a direct immersion system which simply means that you do not have to transfer the pumps. Not just that but you will also not need to have any sort of siphon tubes as well as an air compressor.

This is the sprayer that will surely maximize your work efficiency and it also features the most amazing limiting sensing hydraulics so that you get a better hold of your sprayer and the interchangeable fluid sections.

These are surely some of the qualities that come with this sprayer but we will know more about it by talking about all the features that come with it.

Features of This Sprayer:

Talking about the features of this sprayer we will start with the technology that this sprayer comes with. It has a Hydrastroke technology just like any other amazing sprayer.

It comes with durability that is unmatched and it gives you the performance that is completely powered by hydraulics that is electronically controlled.

It does not come with any sort of clutches that can be damaged by small tips rather it is extremely versatile and it can easily paint all the light-bodied as well as heavy-bodied coatings.

The hydraulic motor that comes with this sprayer can be optimized by just a single moving part which in turn reduced the heat and increases the life of the sprayer.

The next thing that the contractors or the users of the sprayers are usually worried about is the design of the sprayer because if it will not be comfortable you will not be able to work properly.

This is the sprayer that is made with a very smart design which makes your life at the job site very easy. This is the sprayer that comes with a single modular fluid section which also allows you to get two various performances from a single sprayer.

It also comes with 12 inches large tires which make it very easy to move from one place to the other.

The last thing that again is the best about it is the severe service fluid section that comes with it. It comes with a piston pump that is 5 inches long which increases the power and efficiency of the sprayer,

It also uses a tri-chrome process which creates one of the most durable fluid sections in the whole industry. This is the sprayer that is designed for all aggressive coatings.