Powrbeast 7700 and 9700

Posted 3 weeks ago
Powrbeast 7700 and 9700

Titan is one of those companies that make sure that their client is happy with their products and they make sure they only bring the best to the industry.

All the products that have been brought by all titan parts have made their names in the industry and they are always hyped because of their amazing performance and work.

In this article, we are going to discuss the two sprayers from the powrbeast series and we will also discuss their qualities so that you know how amazing and worth the money they are.

Powrbeast Series:

The powrbeast series is known to be best for the contractors that want to work with more power and reliability in their work and they want to keep it going without facing any hurdles.

This is the series that makes the direct immersion sprayers that come with the hydraulic piston. Whenever a contractor wants to work on a project that is commercial, residential, or industrial, their first choice for sure is the powrbeast series or its sprayers.

We will discuss two of its sprayers that are the powrbeast 7700 sprayers and the powrbeast 9700 sprayers.

Powrbeast 7700 and 9700:

These are the type of sprayers that are recommended to get when you are working with 400 to 500 gallons per week.

Qualities of These Sprayers:

We will now get to know about the qualities of these sprayers for you.


The first thing that the contractors are often worried about or bothered about is the technology that is being used in the sprayer. With these two sprayers, you do not have to worry about that because they used Hydrastroke technology. With this technology, you will get the most efficient work done, and there will not be any clutches to be burnt.

Fluid Section:

The next thing that we love the most about these sprayers is that they come with a severe service fluid section that comes with a slow stroking piston. This means that you can easily get maximum efficiency as well as maximum power which in turn increases the life of the sprayer.

Cooling system:

One thing that most sprayers lack to have is a good cooling system which is why they do not work too long. These powrbeast sprayers come with a cooling system that maximized the flow of air so that the system is all cooled and chilled.

Foot valve:

The next thing that we would like to mention about these sprayers is the submersed foot valve that comes with them. The best thing about having this foot valve is that it increases the suction of all the materials that are heavily graded.

Pump assembly:

These sprayers also come with a motor or a pump assembly that is mounted on the front side of the sprayer so that the service and maintenance of the sprayer are easy and quick.


Lastly, these sprayers come with very large pneumatic tires that make the process of travel from one place to the other very easy and also very fast.