Elite Series and Elite 3500/4500 Sprayers

Posted 3 weeks ago
Elite Series and Elite 3500/4500 Sprayers

We have talked about various series by all titan parts and each one of them has the power of its own to work effortlessly and efficiently and get the job done perfectly for all the contractors.

All titan parts is a company that always makes sure to bring the best to the people and for them to not just work but enjoy the working experience too.

In this article, we will tell you about one of the series called the Elite series and we will also get to know about two of its sprayer. you can then decide if you want to get them or not.

Elite Series:

These are the hydraulic paint sprayers that help you produce results that are really high in quality and it works that way despite the conditions that are you working in at the job site. These sprayers also use permastroke technology to work better.

It does not come with any sort of packing, cylinders, or clutches which clearly means that you do not have to worry about any burnt-outs.

We will now jump in the sprayers and discuss them both together along with all the features.

Elite 3500 and Elite 4500:

We will not prolong this any further and we will just get to know about all the features that come with these sprayers.

First things first and we will start off all the qualities of these sprayers with one of the major qualities is the technology that these sprayers come with. These are the sprayers that use the permastroke technology which means these sprayers do not have any pistons or packing so you have nothing to worry about. These sprayers also come with one-piece outlets and inlet valves. These are also 100% field serviceable.

These sprayers also come with a hydraulic system that is sealed. Just like that, it does not have any clutch or electronics to burn out.

These sprayers also come with pulsation dampeners that definitely increase their productivity and make them so much better to use. These dampeners deduct all the pressure fluctuations that have the chances to come while working and also eliminate the dead band that is present in the system. This is how you can get an operation extremely smooth, and the finish is going to be consistent too.

These are not the only qualities but these sprayers also come with a pusher valve which makes the process of priming really easy and really quick. The best part about having these sprayers is that they come with a no-spill pump filter too which is made with a vertical design that is able to retain all the coatings while being removed.

Not just that but these sprayers also come with large pneumatic tires that are about 12 inches in size. These tires make the process of moving from one place to the other very smooth and you can easily travel with them.

Lastly, we would like to mention that these sprayers come with built-in handles that make loading and unloading very easy.