What Is the Impact 1040T Sprayer and Its Qualities

Posted 4 weeks ago
Impact 1040T

There are a lot of sprayers that are working in the industry right now but there are very less of them that actually leave an impact and change the whole experience of spraying for the contractors.

We will talk in this article about one of the sprayers that actually left an impact on the contractors and that actually made a change.

If you have not already guessed what we are talking about then we will make it easy for you and tell you that we are going to discuss the Impact 1040T sprayer out of the impact series.

Impact Series:

Impact series is the series that definitely makes a huge difference in the life of contractors and does a lot to make the job easier.

This series comes with a quad plus packing, is also field serviceable, and also comes with a digital system for all the problems that you might face otherwise.

These sprayers definitely come with a lot of amazing qualities and that is what makes the sprayer what it is today we will now get to discuss the impact 1040T sprayer.

Impact 1040T:

The impact 1040T sprayer is known to be one of the lightest in-weight sprayers and they are also known to be extremely affordable too. These are also famous because they are textured sprayers and these are only the type on the market for now.

These are the sprayers that are designed in a way that you can easily run both the powdered joint compound and the ready-mix products. This is what makes this sprayer really extraordinary out of all the qualities.

Features of This Sprayer:

Just like any other amazing sprayer this one also comes with a lot of features and we will obviously discuss all of them for you to know.

The first thing that we are going to talk about is that it comes with a permalink cylinder that comes with the surety that it will never wear out.

This sprayer also comes with electronic control of pressure. It means that it comes with consistent pressure, and it also has zero deadband. There is nothing new about the fact that the impact sprayer comes with a quad+ packing.

This sprayer also comes with an autoOiler as well as a telescoping handle. These features surely make this sprayer extraordinary.

The next thing that we are going to talk about is the EZ tilt cart. With the easy tilt cart, you can easily and very quickly change the cart out and also easily get it cleaned too. You can also easily tilt the cart back with a single hand.

Not just that but this sprayer also comes with a brushless motor which is also perfectly optimized for all the different tip sizes and can also go with every single painter’s technique.

Lastly, this is the sprayer that comes with large pneumatic tires that make it very easy to move the sprayer from one place to the other.