Elite Gas Series and Its Qualities

Posted 2 months ago
Elite Series and Elite 3500/4500 Sprayers

There must be a lot of sprayers that you might have heard about but what you must not really know well is the elite gas series because it is slightly new in the industry.

What you should always know is that no matter if the product is old or new, titan always makes sure to bring in the best to the industry and they are always a top-notch company.

In this article, we will be talking about the elite gas series and we will see everything that comes with it for you to understand it better.

Elite Gas Series:

The sprayers of the elite gas series are all gas-powered and they without any doubt give you the results that are highest in quality and always work efficiently. These are also hydraulically sealed so that is an added feature that comes along for sure.

Because this is made this way so you do not have to worry about what your working conditions are and keep doing it as always. This sprayer features the amazing permastroke technology which comes with no pistons, no packing, and no cylinder so you do not have to worry about them wearing out.

This series is also backed up with the wear guard that gives the pump the warranty of a lifetime. The best part about these sprayers is that they are extremely easy to operate and you do not have to spend hours understanding how they work.

Features of the Elite Gas Series:


The first thing that usually the users are worried about is if the technology being used is right or not. So the technology that is being used in this sprayer is the permastroke technology which comes with one inlet valve and one outlet valve.

This is known to be one hundred percent field serviceable and it comes with valves that are made in cartridge style that make the repairing of the system very easy, fast, and simple. Just as we mentioned above it does not have any piston or packing so you do not have to think of them wearing out.

Hydraulic System:

The system that is being used in this sprayer is the sealed hydraulic system which comes with no electronics or any sort of clutches so there is no fear of burning out.

It also comes with the guarantee of priming every single time that you go through the pusher valve. With that, it is also able to deliver the performance with the help of any large or small-sized tips that too at the pressure of about 3300 PSI.

Pulsation Dampener:

The third thing that we are going to mention is the pulsation dampener that comes with it. This dampener deducts all the fluctuations that might come in the pressure while working with it.

This also makes the operation of spraying very smooth and the finish that comes with it is also consistent. You can also keep the job site clean by using the vertical no-spill pump filter.