Capspray Series with Its Features and Accessories

Posted 3 weeks ago
Capspray Series with Its Features and Accessories

There has never been a customer of all titan parts that was not satisfied because the machines or the sprayers of this company always work really work and the user never has to face any trouble with these sprayers.

No matter what the type or the size of the product is, all of them always give their best and are always preferred by the users. These sprayers have been making names since the beginning and there surely is no stopping that.

The product that we are going to talk about today is the Capspray series and we will also discuss everything that comes with it.

Capspray Series:

When you need to work on woodworking that is high-end and you need to work more on the furniture projects then the Capspray series is the best for you to use.

It gives you the transfer efficiency that no other sprayer can give and it is also extremely light in weight and is portable so making the work even easier. It comes with a very good speed that maximizes the profits that you get as well as the productivity.


Coming to the second part that is the features that come with this sprayer so we will jump into that now.

The first feature that we would like to talk about is the powerful atomization that comes with it. It gives you the power that is legendary and comes with the atomization that is finest and also gives you that kind of finish too.

The transfer efficiency of this sprayer is also very high ranging up to ninety percent almost. This sprayer also comes with dual air filtration and the air filter is also of an automotive type that presents on the atomizing side of air.

On both the sides of cooling and the atomizing air you will see a pre-filter that makes the work even more efficient and better for you.

Not just that but it also comes with a lot of built-in products like the built-in toolbox as well as a built-in cup holder. The toolbox is there for all the nozzles, needles, nozzle wrenches, and air caps.

Whereas the built-in cup holder is present to oblige as a docking station so that you can get the right accessory for the transfer pump. Both of them are extremely useful and helpful.

The last feature that comes with this sprayer is the most important one because it is a warning light for a dirty filter. This way the life of your turbine is extended dramatically and it can also maintain its performance very well.


Coming to the accessories this sprayer comes with a QT remote cup system which helps you in increasing the spraying time.

Then it has a maximum elite gravity gun which can easily change the standard to a pressure cup that is gravity fed.

Lastly, it comes with a paint preparation system which is extremely rare, and it deducts your need to separate the filters and mixing cups.