Elite 3500 with its Qualities

Posted 1 month ago
Elite Gas Series

When you are working with any kind of tools you are definitely dependent upon the people who are making those tools and you need to have faith in them.

Titan is the company whose mission is to keep your faith intact by giving you the best of the best and the contractors can never doubt that.

In this article, we are going to talk about one of those sprayers that are extremely reliable and you can easily get it and trust that it will work really efficiently too.

Yes, we are talking about the Elite 3500. We will talk about it in detail below and we will also discuss all its features.

Elite 3500: 

There are a lot of qualities that this sprayer comes with but we will just introduce it with its first most important quality which is that this sprayer is powered with gas, and it is also known for being the paint sprayer that is sealed hydraulic.

This is the sprayer that makes the life of contractors very easy at the job site and they definitely trust this sprayer with all their work.

We will now discuss the features of this sprayer for you.

Features of the Elite 3500:


The first thing that people are usually worried about is what technology the sprayer is using and for this sprayer, the technology that is being used is the Perma stroke technology.

The best thing about this technology is that it does not have any kind of packing, piston, or cylinder so there are zero chances of them wearing out at all. This sprayer comes with only a piece outlet and inlet valves and they are definitely one hundred percent field serviceable.

The other thing that makes these sprayers really extraordinary is the fact that they come with sealed hydraulic systems that again do not have any clutch or electronics to burn out.

This sprayer with all the other amazing features also has a pulsation dampener which makes it very easy to eliminate all the present fluctuations and also eliminates the dead band that is present inside the system.

What makes this dampener very special and extraordinary is the fact that it gives you a very smooth operation and it also gives you a very fine and high-quality finish.

This sprayer also comes with a pusher valve which makes the process of priming very easy. Not just that but it also comes with a pump filter that is a no-spill pump filter is made with a vertical design that holds the coating present in the house when they are being removed.

The qualities of this sprayer do not just stop here because it also comes with pneumatic tires that are about 12 inches large and they make the transportation of the sprayer from one place to the other very easy. These tires also make the travel of the sprayer on rough surfaces also very easy.

All these qualities combined make the sprayer very beneficial on the job site and the contractors actually trust it so much.