Impact Series with All Its Amazing Features

Posted 1 month ago
Impact Series with All Its Amazing Features

Titan without any doubt has been a company of true customer care and they have always thought of or put their customers as their priority.

Since the time titan has come they have always made sure to give in the best quality products and they have always made their buyers very happy.

There are a lot of products by titan but in this article, we are going to be talking about the impact series and we will also discuss how amazing it is.

Impact Series:

If you are somebody who is constantly working on a lot of different projects where you need to have sustained operations then you need to have these heavy-duty and high-performance paint sprayers.

These are the most amazing sprayers because it does not matter if you have to work on projects as small as a room or a project as big as a warehouse, it will work really efficiently everywhere.

These sprayers are known to be one of the most durable sprayers and that is why they are the choice of sprayer for so many contractors.

Features or Qualities of Impact Series:

Talking about the qualities of the impact series there definitely are so many of them and we will discuss each one of them below.

Talking about the first quality we would like to talk about the packing that comes with it because that is one of the most important things in a sprayer.

This sprayer series comes with a quad+ packing and a permalink cylinder which is completely self-compensating as well as self-adjusting.

Because the cylinder that comes with it is non-wearable it comes with the longest life and the repair costs are also very low.

This sprayer is known to be very field serviceable. That is because it does not matter if you need to change the whole packing or just the fluid section, it always is very easy to do and you can get rid of every mess in no time.

One thing that we think makes it really extraordinary and also makes it stand out from all other sprayers is that it comes with a digitrac digital display. This digital display is perfect for diagnosing any problems in the sprayer. You can also very easily set working pressure readings all by yourself and with that, you can also reset gallons, and the run time counter too. This definitely makes for all the amazing qualities in one display.

The next thing that again we think must be mentioned about this sprayer is that it comes with a sureflo pusher valve. This pusher valve every single time primes the time. The best thing about it is that you can easily unstick the valve with just a simple push of a button. Yes, you read that right, with this sprayer you do not need to have any hammer to unstick the ball.

This sprayer also comes with an auto oiler that delivers the oil directly from the reservoir to the sprayer within minutes.