What Are The Lazyliner & Powrliner Series?

Posted 10 months ago
Lazyliner Series with All Its Features and Qualities

There is a lot of different series that we have talked about and that we have mentioned. These series have always performed extraordinarily.

Be it the sprayer or the series, every single product has worked really efficiently and nobody has ever been disappointed in these products.

In this article, we are again going to talk about the two series that we will discuss with the features. We will see how efficiently do they work.

We are going to see how these two series are different, and how they are making their names in the industry.

Lazyliner Series:

We will first get to know about the most amazing and extremely powerful series that is the lazyliner series.

When it comes in contrast to walking, the lazyliner series increases productivity and also takes the load off of the contractors.

This is the sprayer that generates a lot more profits as compared to the other sprayers and it also helps you tackle large-scale projects.


The feature that this sprayer comes with is that it has a very adjustable comfort. Now you must be wondering how does it happen.

Well, this is the sprayer that comes with a high back chair, which is known to be deluxe and is also very comfortable.

The seat that is present in this sprayer is completely adjustable and you can move it in any direction be it forward, back, or sideways.

This is the sprayer that is also completely compatible and it works with the powrliner series ranging from 2850 to 8955.

The lazyliner series also comes with two different types that are the lazyliner elite and the lazyliner pro.

Both of these types of the lazyliner series come with their own efficient features working very amazingly.

Powrliner Series:

The second series that we are going to mention or talk about is the powrliner series and we will also look into its features.

This is the series that is built with the technology able to deliver the stripes that are best in class. These stripes are also very consistent and sharp.

The quality of these stripes does not increase no matter what the surface is. It works just the same on both tough and smooth surfaces.


We will now see what features does this series come with and it works in the favor of the contractors.

The first thing that is the best about this sprayer is that it is extremely versatile. It lets you make the stripes on both athletic and pavement fields. This is a series that is also known to be user-friendly. This series is very easy and convenient to use.

This series comes with pressure control that is precise. The pressure of this sprayer ranges between 400 to 3300 PSI. This pressure is used to spray both the light and the heavy-bodied coatings.

This sprayer also comes with a smart arm that makes lifting and dropping very easy. It also has deadlock handlebars with it.