What is a flexspray handheld?

Posted 1 month ago
What is a flexspray handheld?

Titan is one of those companies that have always brought to life the best products and it has always made sure that it does not disappoint its customers.

No matter if we are talking about the one part of the whole sprayer or the whole sprayer in general we can always talk with surety that it is going to be the best one.

In this article, we are going to talk about one of those amazing sprayers and its outstanding qualities and we will see how amazingly it works.

Yes, we are talking about the best Flexspray handheld.

Flexspray handheld:

When you require a sprayer that has the power of an airless sprayer and has the control of the HVLP guns then you must be choosing the flexspray handheld.

It is an extremely versatile sprayer that is able to create a multi-tool effect and is able to work really nicely for painting professionals.

It is the sprayer that comes with very advanced technology and it is also able to coat all kinds of coatings with more than one application.

What you need to do is just pull the trigger that is present on this astonishing sprayer and you will be able to finish the project of the entire exterior, interior, and fine finishing in just one go.


We will now talk about all the features that come with this sprayer and we will see what qualities this sprayer possesses.


The first most important thing about this sprayer is that the life that it comes with is about 10 times more than the normal handheld sprayer and that is what makes it stand out of all other sprayers.

Width control:

The next feature that again makes it an extremely efficient sprayer is that it comes with a pattern width control.

This means that the sprayer can easily be adjusted from wide to narrow as well as horizontal to vertical. This is definitely one of the most useful features of it.


The feature that comes next with this sprayer is that it has a two-stage trigger and not just that but it also comes with an easily replaceable air filter.


This sprayer also comes with accessories that are the Flexfinish front end and FineFinish front end.

FineFinish front end:

The FineFinish front end comes with a very précised control and it also gives a very flawless finish. The recommended coatings that come with it are lacquers, stains, and Urethanes.

Flexfinish front end:

The second accessory that comes with this sprayer is the Flexfinish front end. The patented design of this accessory is able to deliver a very unique contrast of the material and air.

The recommended coatings for this are acrylic, latex, and enamel.

These are the qualities and a nice description of the flexspray handheld with all its outstanding features. You can easily get this sprayer from all titan parts and use all of its parts with so much comfort and ease.