Capspray Series and Its Features?

Posted 1 month ago
What Is The Capspray Series?

Titan has always come up with ideas that no other company has and it has always brought to life some really good products in the form of series and separately too.

There is a lot of different series that we can talk about that have proved to be really extraordinary but in this article, we are going to talk about Capspray.

We will also get to know about some of its amazing features and will see how amazingly it works.

Capspray series:

When you are working on a project that is more to the woodworking site and is involved in the formation of furniture and cabinetry then the Capspray series is perfect for it.

This series has very high transfer efficiency, and it can only be delivered through the titan Capspray series.

These are lightweight sprayers, and these can easily be applied on the products with a very fine finish, and precision which maximizes both profit and productivity.


There are a lot of different features that this sprayer comes with and we will talk about them one by one so that you know the complete qualities of this sprayer.

Transfer efficiency:

The first thing that is also one of the most important things about this sprayer is that it comes with very high efficiency and it ranges up to almost 90 percent.

Air filtration:

The Capspray series has a dual air filtration and also has an automotive air filter which is present on the atomizing side of the sprayer.


The next amazing feature of this series is that it comes with a toolbox that is built inside it. This toolbox has a nozzle, needles, air caps, and nozzle wrench.

This toolbox comes very handily when you are at the job site and you do not really have to face any difficulty because the products are not there.

Warning light:

One thing that all the contractors need or that they expect to have in the sprayers or gun is to have a warning light so that they know when to change the things inside.

This is an extra beneficial thing that is present inside the sprayer that it comes with a warning light that is able to increase the life of the turbine.

This warning light is also able to maximize the performance because the filters inside it are always neat and clean.

Cup holder:

Not just the toolbox, but the Capspray series also comes with a built-in cup holder. This cup holder helps as a docking station. This docking station is very useful for the transfer efficiency of the pump.


The last important and very nice feature that comes with the Capspray series is that it comes with a pre-filter which is present on both the cooling air sides and the atomizing air.

These are some of the amazing features that come with the Capspray series that you can easily avail of by buying it.

You can get this easily by all titan parts.