What is impact 410 and impact 440?

Posted 1 month ago
What is impact 410 and impact 440?

There are a lot of amazing series and their types that we have discussed introduced by a titan and we are again going to get to know two more of these types because of their amazing work and properties.

We know that whatever has been introduced by titan has always been great and has always worked up to the demand and the need.

In this article, we are going to discuss two of these types that are the impact 410, and impact 440.

Impact 410:

The first type that we are going to discuss is impact 410.

Impact 410 gives a very powerful performance, and it happens at a very affordable price. This is the spray that is very useful for both commercial and residential work.

This is the spray that can easily spray or apply stains, lacquers, paints, standard primers, also architectural coating very easily.

Features of the impact 410:

We will now get to know about the really amazing features that come with the impact series, which you can easily avail yourself.

The first most amazing thing that comes with it is that it has a Quad+ packing. This is the most amazing part of this series.

It also has an all-metal construction that completely has a stainless steel ball and also has a piston rod. It also comes with a permalink cylinder that does not ever wear out.

It also comes with a very strong metal cart which makes it very easy to use at the job site. It also has a manifold filter.

This filter is able to clean the extra paint that is spread here or there. It also is able to prevent the abrasion to reach gunpoint.

Impact 440:

The second type of impact series is the impact 440. Now, when you talk about the products that are top-selling then you need to mention the impact 440.

This is the sprayer that is extremely suitable for residential work, and for the maintenance of the property.

This is a very nice electric airless sprayer that is able to apply the architectural primers, coatings, and paint very easily and very efficiently.

We will now get to know about the features of the impact 440.


The first astonishing feature of the impact 440 is that it has an electronic pressure control which makes the flushing very quick and very easy. This is the reason why the clean-up is very convenient.

It also comes with a full-sized manifold filter that is able to handle a lot more paint than normal and also prevents abrasiveness just like the impact 410.

This also comes with a permalink cylinder that does not wear out. It also has an extra deep holster that keeps the strainer inside liquid which keeps the pump moist.

It also comes with a quad+ packing and also a sureflo pusher valve. This also has an auto oiler inside it. These are some of the amazing qualities of the impact 440.