POWRTWIN Series of Titan and Its Features

Posted 2 months ago
POWRTWIN Series of Titan and Its Features

Titan is not just a sprayer company but known as a brand. People recognize it for its paint sprayers, and this is the biggest achievement of titan so far.

Like all the paint sprayer companies titan is giving out the best paint sprayers, but what makes it unique is its paint prayer series that comes with paint prayer parts.

It is a brand that is entitled to offer paint sprayers parts along with its sprayers to ease their customers to another level. People love this quality of titan, and it is the reason behind their success.

They are very professional when it comes to dealing with customers. It is the reason that when someone purchases a sprayer from them, they wish to purchase again. It is because of their customer dealing and quality of products.

In this article, we will discuss the super amazing paint sprayer series of titan. And it is none other than POWRTWIN.


It is the first choice for many contractors because it is helpful in all kinds of applications. You can use it for commercial, industrial and residential use without any stress. It is one of the best gas/electric convertible hydraulic pistons.


Here are some of the super cool features of POWRTWIN that make it stand different from other kinds of gas/electric convertible hydraulic piston paint sprayers.

Hydra Drive:

The HydraDrive of this paint sprayer is slow stroking but very smooth in application. The hydraulic drive of this paint sprayer provides reliability and extreme power in its application.


It is one of the simplest tools because it consists of a tool-free convertible. Although the gas engines are not permit-table, the 20 HP electric converts to the kit (506-719). And they are sold in the form of parts.

A belt guard is also present in this paint sprayer to make the conversion from gas to electric much easier. You can use the belt guard whenever you feel the need of using it.


These paint sprayers are different because they can work for months, and you will still have the longest portable stroke to make with them. The stroking power of this paint sprayer is rare to find in any other paint sprayer in the market.

Pressure control near to accuracy:

The pressure control of this paint sprayer is around 400 to 3600 PSI, and it is near to perfection. There is no other prayer like POWRTWIN that has such accurate pressure control.

Self-adjusting packing:

The best part of using a PWRTWIN is packing it. It is because you do not have to put so much effort into it. It is self-adjustable paint sprayers that get packed on their own. It can easily resist over-tightening and saves you from premature wear.

Therefore you can trust this paint sprayer and bring it at home or your workplace to enjoy its severe service’’ 900 Pump.

The piston rod of this pump, along with the cylinder, gets tempered in a heating process. And it increases the life of the paint sprayer to 150% compared to other paint sprayers in the market.