What Are Maxum II Gun And Maxum Elite Gun?

Posted 2 months ago
What Are Maxum II Gun And Maxum Elite Gun?

There are a lot of different products that have been brought to the people by a titan and we know that all the products are trustworthy and they have always made the people happy with them.

Their products are always exceptional and they have always brought some really nice things in the industry for the satisfaction of their customers.

There are always things that are setting their record in the industry because of their work and performance.

In this article, we are going to discuss two of these products that are the Maxum II gun and the Maxum elite gun.

Maxum Series Guns:

We will first get to know about the maxum series. The maxum series guns are designed in a way that they are able to deliver maximum control and the delivery is also very accurate.

For those contractors who need to have something that gives a fine finish then the Maxum series guns are perfect for them and they should always opt for these series guns.

We will now discuss the two guns.

Maxum II Gun:

The Maxum II gun is able to provide control and precision that is matchless while delivering a finish that does not have any flaw.

This is the gun that is designed in a way that has an air passage that is very large and is able to provide any type of spray be it a heavy-bodied or the light-bodied coating with so much ease.

This gun is able to convert easily from the non-bleeder into the bleeder. It also comes with a whole needle set as well.

Parts of the Gun:

There are a lot of parts to this gun. It includes:

  • Removable check valve
  • An air control
  • Easy pull trigger
  • Three-position air cap
  • Cup locking lever
  • Air inlet
  • Stainless steel nozzle
  • Easily adjustable pick-up tube.

Maxum Elite Gun:

We will now discuss the Maxum elite gun.

It is the gun that is designed for the contractors that require the fine finish and those workers who are expecting results that are completely flawless and are versatile.

The fluid chamber that is both reversible and removable fluid chamber design allows to use with a pressurized gravity cup, and a standardized pressurized cup.

This gun also contains an air-fluid control, and indexed air for very easy control.

This gun has a fluid need that stays with the head assembly and the packing for the changes of the tip size, and color which makes it very easy to store and clean up.

It also consists of an integrated check valve that is present in the head of the gun. This gun also comes with a needle set that has everything inside it.

Parts of the Maxum Elite Gun:

This gun also comes with a lot of different parts that we will mention below.

  • Release and reversible head.
  • Click in the air cap.
  • Trigger pull.
  • Pick-up tube.
  • Stainless steel nozzle and needle.
  • Fluid control.
  • Air control.