What Are The Powrbeast 4700 And Its Features?

Posted 2 months ago
What Are The Powrbeast 4700 And Its Features?

There are so many different products and different series that we have discussed already and we know by now that all titan parts never fail to impress with their quality.

We know that from a big series to the smallest of the sprayer, they have always made their products praiseworthy and they have always made top-notch products.

In this article, we are going to talk about the powrbeast series product that is the powrbeast 4700 and we will also get to know about its features.

Powrbeast Series:

The powrbeast hydraulic piston sprayers have always been a priority for the contractors to work efficiently on large-scale products be it commercial, residential, or industrial.

We will talk about the powrbeast 4700 in this article and we will also look at its features.

Powrbeast 4700:

Powrbeast 4700 is the sprayer that is able to deliver durability, and it has the power to spray all kinds of heavy-bodied coatings that can be done on both large commercial and residential areas with so much ease.

It is able to deliver 1.6 gallons per minute. This means that the sprayer can be connected to almost three guns and it keeps all the crew spraying.

The maximum delivery is about 1.60 GPM and the max tip size is 0.041. The maximum operating pressure is about 3300 PSI. The weight of the sprayer is 173 lbs.

We will now talk about the features that come with the powrbeast 4700 and get to know more about it and see.


The first thing that we are going to talk about is technology. This is the sprayer that comes with the Hydrastroke technology and is also very versatile and efficient and has no clutch that can be burnt.

Fluid Section:

This sprayer also comes with a fluid section that has severe service. It also comes with a piston that is slow stroking and is also very powerful.

Pump Assembly:

This sprayer has a pump assembly that is also known as the motor assembly which is present on the front side and is also very easy to access for both service and maintenance.


We know that there are a lot of things that are important in a sprayer and when talking about it we can never forget about the tires.

This is the sprayer that comes with large pneumatic tires that are about 12 inches. These are used for increased portability, and these tires make it very easy to travel on rough surfaces.


This sprayer comes with an optimized shrouding. This shrouding directs the flow of air all across the motor that keeps it cool.

Cooling Tank:

This sprayer also has an active cooling tank which maximizes the flow of air and keeps the sprayer cool.

Lift Handles:

The last thing that again is a must to mention is the lift handles that are present in the sprayer. These sprayers make the loading and unloading of things very easy and convenient.