Capspray 105 And 115, With Their Features

Posted 1 month ago
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When it comes to products that are very high quality and that are always leading in the industry then we need to mention the amazing products that have been introduced by All titan parts.

No matter if it is a Titan 440 or their other sprays they have never compromised on the quality and they have always made sure that the products exceed the expectations and are never lower than that.

In this article, we are going to talk about one of those products, or you can say two of them that are the Capspray 105 and Capspray 115 with their features or qualities.

Capspray 105:

Now, when we talk about the products that involve heavy-bodied coatings, and that need the 5 stage power and also something that has dependability for a very long term but the product is also very lightweight, and it also has the capability of atomizing the latex then they always prefer to use the Capspray 105.

This is the sprayer that is most commonly used by professionals when they are working on the expanded projects that are filled with furniture and cabinets.

Capspray 115:

This is a 6 stage power and a portable turbine system which is basically the only turbine that has achieved a full HVLP capability and this quality is what makes it very extraordinary.

This sprayer has the capability to combine high air pressure with the quiet operation for the finest atomization.

The best part about this Capspray 115 is that it has the ability to apply the coatings very finely without any reduction.

This is also known to be one of the most efficient sprayers and one of the most famous sprayers in the industry.

Features of these sprayers:

Just like all the other paint sprayers these sprayers also have some really amazing features and qualities that need to be mentioned here so we will discuss them one by one.


The first amazing feature of these sprayers is that they have a five-stage turbine for the Capspray 105 that has the ability to atomize the coatings with zero to no thinning.

This is one of the most amazing features of these sprayers.

Now, the second one i.e. the Capspray 115 has a six-stage turbine which again is extremely efficient, and it has a two-speed switch.

This also has the ability to atomize the coatings without causing any kind of thin.

Transfer efficiency:

The transfer efficiency of these sprayers is very high. The transfer efficiency ranges up to 90%.

Onboard toolbox:

Now, the next feature that again makes it the best one is that it comes with a toolbox that you can easily use on the field whenever you want.

The toolbox has needles, has air caps, and it comes with a nozzle wrench too.

Warning light:

The last must to mention feature in this sprayer is the warning light present in it. This light warns you whenever the filter is dirty which increases the lifespan of the sprayer and maintains its maximum performance. It also helps in keeping the filters clean.