What Are The Maxum Series Guns?

Posted 2 months ago
What Are The Maxum Series Guns?

We know that when we are talking about the things that are related to sprayers or the sprayer parts we always think of them as titan sprayers or titan sprayer parts and we do not even need to mention the reason for that.

All titan parts are the company that has always exceeded in what they choose to do and the things that they provide to this industry and their customers.

They have always made It very easy for the customers to select that where do they want their products from because of their high quality.

In this article, we will discuss one of these series which is the maxum series guns and we will get to know more about its parts.

Maxum Guns:

When we talk about the guns that provide the customers with accurate delivery, and along with that it also provides them with maximum control then know that we are talking about the maxum series guns.

These are not just the good choice for their customers but they are also an absolutely amazing choice for the contractors, and also for those professionals who need a tool that has a precise finishing.

We will now get to know about two different parts of this series for the people to know.

Maxum II Gun:

Now the first type of the maxum series gun is the maxum II gun and it is amazing for the contractors and the customers.

This type of maxum series provides the people with very precise control and at the same time, it delivers a very flawless finish.

It is the gun that is designed with a very large passage that is present internally, which is able to provide versatility to the heavy and light-bodied coatings with so much comfort and ease.

This gun has the ability to provide people with a gun that can easily convert the non-bleeder gun to a bleeder gun.

Not just that but this gun also comes with a three pro set, i.e. the needle set.

Maxum Elite Gun:

The next type of maxum series gun is the maxum elite gun which again is a very versatile gun and comes with a lot of qualities and features.

It is a gun that is designed for professionals who expect it to be flawless work and also something that is very versatile and unique.

It comes with a reversible fluid chamber, and also has a design that enables them to use it with a standardized pressurized cup.

It also has indexed air and also has fluid controls that make it very easy and convenient to use.

If you want to change the color or the size of the tip then you will have a fluid needle that can stay with the head of the assembly and also with the packings.

You can get this gun from all titan parts and can use it whenever you want for your work and can avail yourself these qualities at any time.