Hydra Series and Features?

Posted 2 months ago
Hydra Series and Its Features?

When it comes to providing people with the best of the best things, then we would really like to mention all titan parts because it is definitely the best.

Titan has always introduced things that are amazing and they have always made sure that their products are always up to the demand of people.

They never compromise on their quality no matter if it is their sprayer gun or the titan paint sprayer partsthey have always make sure it is top-notch.

In this article, we will discuss one of these series that is the hydra series, and also some of its features.

Hydra Series:

When we talk about the series which is amazing for roofing, water tanks, foundations, and other projects that are done on a larger scale then we would definitely use the hydra series.

These are the projects that need a hydraulic piston, which can only be delivered through a hydra power series.

When there is a job where you need to have a delivery of maximum power, and the dependability is also very critical then this series is a go-to for it.

Features of the Hydra series:

We will now get to discuss the amazing features that come with the hydra series and we will get to know about them one by one.

Fluid Section:

This series comes with a fluid section life. It has a slow-stroking piston that is able to maximize the fluid section life.

Speeflo Hydra Series:

It is the slow-stroking hydra drive, which provides the contractors with extreme reliability and power. It also gives a very smooth and fine finish to the end product.

Heavy Coatings:

It is designed in a way for very heavy coating which includes the waterproof, roof, and the mastic coatings,

Production Unit:

This series has a very high production unit that is able to handle all the architectural coatings, which includes the roof coatings, and the epoxies.


Apart from all the amazing features, it is the performance that makes it extraordinary.

It is very great for the coatings that are hard to spray. It is also used to spray the coatings of the multiple guns and along with that long hose lengths.


There are three different types of the hydra series that are:

Hydra pro IV: This one is a very high production unit that is very suitable for all the architectural coatings which include the drywall, elastomeric, and mastic.

Hydra M 4000: the second type is the Hydra M 4000 which is capable of delivering the pressure amazingly, the pressure that is required for the coatings that are very hard to atomize.

Hydra M 2000: The third and the last type of the hydra series is the Hydra M 2000 which again is a very high production unit sprayer that is used for the waterproofing coatings along with the roof coatings.

These are the three different types of hydra series that are all very unique and useful.