Flex Spray Handheld, Its Features, And Accessories

Posted 3 weeks ago
Flex Spray Handheld, it’s Accessories and Its Types

By the time, we know that titan is one of those companies that has never compromised on any of the quality of the products and has always come forward with things that are very beneficial for the people.

They have always introduced different sprayers along with the titan packing kits that have worked efficiently and have always helped people in their work.

In this article, we will get to know about one of those sprayers and we will see some of its amazing features and what accessories does this sprayer has.

Flex Spray Handheld:

This is the type of sprayer that comes with both the power of the airless sprayer and the amazing control of HVLP in one sprayer.

This is basically the first multi-tool that is used by professionals for painting different types of objects.

This is not just a random paint sprayer rather it was introduced for those professionals that have to work with different paints and have to do multiple applications.

All that you need to do when you are spraying with this sprayer is pull the trigger and you are good to go. When you will pull the trigger, it will automatically paint all the sides of the object very easily.


Fine finish nozzle:

This is the amazing part of the sprayer that has the ability to deliver a very rare combination of both the air and the material.

The flex finish slot nozzle has the ability to give the power to spray. It has the ability to do the coatings at a very high speed and it just does not overspray and gives a very fine quality finishing and coating.

Quick system change:

It has an amazing quick-change system which easily allows to easily just change the applications and the coatings in just a moment.

The changing of the quick system is very fast that you can just count in 3, 2, 1 and it will change from the high production flex finish front end to the fine finish front end.


This is not it and you still need to know more about the features that come with this amazing paint sprayer that actually take part in making it as amazing as it is.

Spray pattern:

This is the paint sprayer that comes with a very easily adjustable spray pattern that can be changed into both horizontal and vertical.

Pattern width control:

Not just that but it also comes with a width control pattern that is used to adjust the pattern from wide to narrow and vice versa.

This is the paint sprayer that also comes with the ability to control the airflow and the material flow which is why it protects you from over spraying any object.

It also comes with an easily replaceable air filter which protects it from getting dirty and it also has a two-stage trigger which is very beneficial and works efficiently and effectively.