What Is The Powrtwin Series?

Posted 4 weeks ago
What Is The Powrtwin Series?

With all the amazing series that have been introduced by all titan parts, there is also one of them called the Powrtwin series and it has not failed to make its name out of all just like all other titan sprayers and the series.

They have also come with amazing packing kits like the 440 packing kits and all of these series have made their names amongst the top series.

This article is dedicated to one of those series called the Powrtwin series and we will get to know a bit more about it here.

Powrtwin Series:

The Powrtwin series is one of the oldest series and it was introduced about half a century ago. This is a series that has a great reputation in the industry for its durability and its amazing functions.

It has a very good reputation for working nice in the areas where it is used for large-scale work like using it on a commercial level, residential areas, and industrial applications. This series comes with great durability and dependability.


Not just the little things but this are the series that comes with seriously amazing qualities that have always made it stand out of all other series.


The most amazing quality that this gun comes with is that it is easily convertible. It has very easy tool convertibility in places where there is a restriction for using the gas engines.

You can easily use this series in those places.                  

Hydra Drive:

The second quality that needs to be discussed is its hydra drive. It comes with a very smooth, and very slow stroking hydraulic drive. This quality of this amazing series provides the professionals with reliability on this series and with extreme power.

Belt Guard:

You might not be aware of this feature because there is a lot of other series and guns that do not come with it.

This Powrtwin series comes with very convenient access for converting the electric power that is being used to gas power.

Sever Service 900 Pumps:

The cylinder and the piston that is present in the series are tempered with a heat-treating process which can easily increase the lifespan of the competitive pump by about 150%.

It also comes with self-adjusting packings and these packings are used to resist the over-tightening and they help in preventing any kind of premature wear.

These were some of the amazing features that come with the Powrtwin series and that actually make it one of the most successful series in the industry.

These features work very efficiently to make the painting experience amazing for the professionals that are using it.

There are a lot of different types that come in this series from Powrtwin 4900 plus to the Powrtwin 12000 plus and all of them come with amazing features and they work efficiently.

You can get these easily from all titan parts if you want to use them for painting.