What Are The CAPSPRAY Series And Its Features?

Posted 1 month ago
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The series that we are going to discuss in this article is the CAPSPRAY series which is a bit different from other series yet is very beneficial,

This is the type of spray series that comes with a 440 repacking kit and is used for all small and large projects.

We will also get to know about the features one by one and we will see what this series is beneficial for.


This is the series that you can use when you have projects like woodworking, furniture finish or, cabinetry projects. The quality that you need in these projects can only be provided by the CAPSPRAY series.

The CAPSPRAY series is a very high volume, and a low-pressure paint sprayer and these are turbine powered equal to the paintbrushes.

These are manufactured and designed in a way that they apply a very wide range of fine finishes with a very high speed and efficient pinpoint control.

This series has been here for more than three decades and it has always proved itself in the high work and the quality of its work. 

Features of the CAPSPRAY Series:

The first and the most important feature that this series possesses is that it is the best in the class when it comes to the HVLP guns.

This is the series that is famous because it delivers the maximum control and the ultimate fine finish.

The next high-quality feature that this gun has is that it has an automotive filter that also comes with a pre-filter.

It has a high-performance automotive air filter that has the ability to deliver to clean the atomizing air, and it has a very high-quality consistent fan pattern.

With all those features the next best part about this spray gun series is that it comes with some astounding onboard tools.

The built-in tools include a very suitable cup holder that is built-in and along with that, it comes with a toolbox that is used for the air caps and the projector sets.

The extra feature that makes it stand out from all the other series is that it comes with a quick filter change. The best part is that you do not need to have any tools to change the filters that are present in it, but you can just easily change it right at the spot.

When we are talking about the filters, we need to mention this feature that this is the series that comes with a warning light.

This warning light always notifies you when the time to change the filter has come when it has excessive dirt in it.

The last feature of this spray series is that you can conveniently choose from three to six-stage power. You can do a light spray to a very heavy-bodied coating without causing any thinning.

You can get this sprayer from all titan parts with all its amazing features and qualities.